Kodiak - Granite


An exceptional granite with coloring in the mid-toned, brownish-black hues and an appealing visual texture that is not overpowering, yet still striking in the way it catches and reflects light. Often compared to Antique Brown, this deep, dark granite with a pronounced mineral structure and a perfectly homogenous, medium- to large-grain pattern is more chip-resistant and maintains superior durability.

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Quarry Location

Chutes-des-Passes, QC, CA


ASTM ImperialMetric
Absorption by weightASTM C970.10%0,10%
Compressive strengthASTM C17025 525Psi176Mpa
DensityASTM C97171lb/ft32 739kg/m3
Modulus of ruptureASTM C992 248Psi15,5Mpa

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Category Name Credits Requirements Compatibility
Materials & ResourcesResource Reuse: 5% & 10% (1-2 pts)3.1 & 3.2 Use salvaged, refurbished or reused materials, products and furnishings for 5% to 10% of the total cost of building materialManufacturer regularly sources product to refinish and refurbish from existing demolition projects such as historic buildings. Contact Manufacturer for specific information.
Materials & ResourcesRegional Materials: 10% & 20% (Extracted and Manufactured Regionally) (1-2 pts)5.1 & 5.210% to 20% of all project materials (by weight) to be extracted and manufactured within 800km - 2400km via truck or rail respectively.Due to the location of our quarries and installation, our granite and marble are considered local products mainly in the North East of the United States and the East Coast in general. See our location map.
Materials & ResourcesDurable Building (1 pt)8.0Develop and implement a Durable Building Plan. This includes choosing durable materials and components which reduce the need for new materials and the environmental costs of resource extraction, production processes and waste disposal.If product is well maintained: Low traffic interior = 150+ years, High traffic interior = 40+ years. Low traffic exterior = 75+ years. Well maintained countertops can last 150+ years. Results may vary.
Sustainable SitesHeat Island Effect: Non-Roof (1 pt)7.1Provide shade (within 5 years) and/or use light-coloured / high-albedo materials (reflectance of at least 0.3) and/or open grid pavement for at least 30% of the site’s non-roof impervious surfaces, including parking lots, walkways, plazas, etc.;This product is light-coloured and can be used as exterior walkways. *Emissivity testing by ASTM TBA.
Energy & AtmosphereMinimum and Optimal Energy Performance (1-10 pts)Prerequisite 2 & Credit 1Design the building to surpass either CBIP or ASHRAE energy performance standards for a building.This product can aid in achieving this credit by adding thermal mass to the building as cladding or other large installation application. *Dependent on Architect.
Materials & ResourcesConstruction Waste Management: 50% & 75% (1-2 pts)2.1 & 2.2Divert 50% to 75% project construction waste from landfillManufacturer does not have a take back program, however, due to the value of the product it is rarely sent to the landfill. *Dependent on contractor.
Indoor Environmental QualityConstruction IAQ management plan: During Construction (1 pt)3.1“Materials that are potentially noxious should be identified by the project architect, and control measures specified, as described in the SMACNA guidelines.” (CaGBC recommendation but NOT part of the required LEED submittals).This product may off-gas a very small amount of Radon. *This is not part of LEED required submittals.* Dependent on architect.
Indoor Environmental QualityLow-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants (1pt)4.1The VOC content of adhesives, sealants and sealant primers used must be less than the VOC content limits of the State of California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule #1168, October 2003.The manufacturer does not have a specific recommended adhesive or sealant for this product. However, in order to meet the requirements of this credit the installer should use third party certified LOW VOC adhesives & sealants. *Dependent on installer.
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    Toast to Kodiak Brown

    Intercontinental W

    International Monetary Fund (phase 2)



Chutes-des-Passes, QC, CA

The following images represente range of colors and characteristics specific to this stone.

  • KOD-002: Variable grain size

    KOD-004: Low variation of the grain size.

    KOD-005: Severe variation of the grain size.

    KOD-002 F: Variable grain size (thermal flamed)

    KOD-013: Isolated black spot

    KOD-013 F: Isolated black spot - thermal flamed (<12 in2)

    KOD-012: White vein - between 2mm & 5mm

    KOD-012 F: White vein - between 2mm & 5mm (thermal flamed)

    KOD-004 F: Light grain size variation (thermal flamed)

    KOD-005 F: Severe grain size variation (thermal flamed)

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