Eclad 1

What happens when Polycor, an internationally-renowned North American natural stone company, proudly teams up with Eclad, a world leader in stone cladding systems?

Nothing less than an inspiring innovation to cladding: Eclad 1.

It is the perfect pairing of Polycor 1cm panels, an incomparable innovation in natural stone, with Eclad exclusive cladding systems.

An innovation from

Eclad Stone Cladding Systems - Polycor

Monument – Slabs/Blocks

To commemorate, dedicate or celebrate a person or a place, Polycor natural stone slabs lend distinction and character. Their resistance to the elements ensures that the memorial will be as imperishable as memories it evokes.

Project – Blocks

To honour a memory and commemorate history, timeless natural stone is the obvious choice. At Polycor, we are particularly proud of our contribution to the creation of these monuments.


Natural stone signs lend timeless prestige to any site, while providing lasting durability.

Whatever your customized project, our team of experts thrives on challenges. For an eye-catching sign, let us create your concept in Polycor natural stone.


Benches, birdbaths and other ornaments are great decorative and commemorative pieces that add a rustic touch to any landscaping project.

Coping & caps

A refined finish for pool ledges, windows or walls: natural stone steals the spotlight. A beautiful and durable finishing touch to any landscaping project.

Posts & Bollards

Natural stone is versatile and can take many different forms. It can be used as fence posts, mailboxes, lampposts, hitching posts, cylindrical or intricate cut-apex bollards.

Steps & treads

Our wide selection of steps and treads comes in several styles and thickness to suit any project, from classical to ultra-modern.

Residential pavers

Our natural stone modular pavers are cut straight for easy installation in drives, decks, patios or entries. Truly distinctive!

Ultra-thin 1 cm slabs

An exclusive Polycor innovation, 1 cm slabs of natural stone combine durability and distinction: only one third the weight of a standard 3 cm slab, yet 10 times stronger.

This ultra-thin facing material is reinforced by a composite support and is available in 9’ x 5’ slabs.

Entire walls, gigantic backsplashes, fireplaces, floating and integrated countertops: this product is perfect for any contemporary application.


Polycor natural stone mosaics are available in many standard or customized sizes, and in a choice of stones. This product is more durable than most ceramics.

As an insertion, a countertop addition or even a complete wall or shower surround, their distinctive texture steals the spotlight.

Residential tiles

Stone tiles are available in different color, size and finish (standard or customized) combinations and suit any residential space.


Our top-quality countertops offer an unlimited choice of finishes. The slab supplied to fabricators and dealers is a semi-processed product that can be installed in a kitchen or any other space.

Porcelain tiles

A lightweight and ultra-solid innovation: porcelain flooring tiles made of natural stone give the look of natural stone while weighing 40% less than solid stone. All the strength of a porcelain base, yet lightweight and easy to cut.

Commercial cut‑to‑size

We have the expertise to create any project from a simple wall to benches, outstanding architectural projects and water fountains.

Commercial tiles

Natural stone tiles are perfect for any commercial space. They are available in different color, size and finish combinations: the possibilities are endless.

Architectural stone

Architectural stone is a cladding of variable thickness that can be used either inside or outside a building. It is generally affixed to an independent clamp system.

Urban cut‑to‑size

Many other products can be cut to custom sizes: bridge pillars, retaining walls, firewalls, base plates, water mains, etc.

Commercial pavers

Paver is made from stone blocks. They are cut to a standard 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 in.


Granite curbs are an urban landscaping product. They are quarried from our North American facilities, then sawed and trimmed in our plant located in Riviere-a-Pierre, Quebec, Canada.

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