Cambrian Black®

A great Canadian classic, this unique, ageless granite comes from a quarry that is exclusive to Polycor. Often imitated but never duplicated, it has abundant applications – from funeral monuments to architectural projects.

It is impossible to date this stone since it does not deteriorate and has good structural properties and stable color. It is also one of the few blacks that requires no resin or dye.

American Black®

This beautiful black granite with pronounced white veining is being utilized for architectural projects when quality and durability are a must.

Bethel White®

Bethel White® displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most-prized in the world. It is the “gold standard” that all other white granites must measure up to.

Saint Clair Linear

This gray-beige American limestone is treated as a marble, and can therefore be used in architectural and heritage projects as well as for countertops.

Because its wavy grain pattern evolves from one slab to another, every countertop is unique. It shows a more homogenous grain pattern in a linear cut.

Alberene Soapstone

The unique rustic look and industrial style of Alberene Soapstone has made it a designer choice since 1883. Its unusual thermal properties, closely-packed structure and homogeneity make it perfect for large spaces and heated flooring.

This stone is heat and acid resistant. It’s as tough as it gets!

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