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Open position:

Sales & Logistics Coordinator


Tate, GA

 Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 


• Create BOLs and trucking PO for subcontractors 

• Create pick up in Freight Quote for truck line to pick up 

• Send signed BOL to clients 

• Invoice in FinancePro and send to clients 

• Create PO and send to subcontractors for sandblasting 

• Organize and maintain records 

Danby VA: 

• Schedule truck when Danby headstones are ready in VT 

• Create PO for trucking and have transported to Tate, GA 


• Enter the blocks into production for GA and OK quarry using grading sheet 

• Create the order and BOL for shipping when GA and OK blocks are sold to customer 

• Obtain signed BOL once the block ships and invoice to customer 


• Shop freight quotes for blocks or equipment 

• Create PO for freight 


• Receive orders from clients for truck load or rail 

• Enter the ticket in FinancePro once shipped 

• Send copy of truck ticket to clients 

• Create and send BOL for rail car tickets to client and Rail Road 

• Invoice crusher twice a month 

Expected results: 

• Complete work that adheres to Polycor’s interests and values. 

• Work in collaborative manner; clearly communicate; comfort level with changes in task deadlines and priorities. 

• Proactively manage multiple tasks and priorities; meet agreed upon deadlines. 


• Excellent attention to detail; ability to detect and self-correct. 

• Good computer skills including advanced Microsoft Excel skills; MS Office Suite. 

• 2 – 5 years of professional experience. 

To apply

By mail:

E-mail your resume to:


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