A warm, neutral earth toned limestone displaying a light beige background, medium grain and occasional shell inclusions. Consistent grain distribution stippled evenly across the surface lends a subdued visual texture that’s versatile in any design aesthetic.


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An even and uniform, off-white, buff toned limestone offering a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Light veins and occasional shell inclusions weave through the surface in a subtle movement adding visual interest to any design project.


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Massangis Clair

Fine, sandy grains are sprinkled against a pale, creamy background in this clear shade of the classic Massangis French limestone. Equally suitable in both modern and traditional designs the neutral and even tone provides a uniform appearance in any finished project.


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Massangis Jaune

A warm golden hue defines this variation of the classic Massangis French limestone. The yellowish ochre tone reveals occasional crystallized fossil and shell inclusions nestled into the background for a distinct old world charm.


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Massangis Jaune Clair

Finely blended with a well-balanced, pale yellow background this flaxen hued limestone features a uniform grain with occasional shell inclusions. Hailing from the ancient Massangis quarry this variety imparts a slight, warm tone in a design.


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Comblanchien Clair

The dense, compact grain structure of this limestone gives it a marble like quality in its appearance. A uniform, rosy beige background provides a neutral base for occasional small shell inclusions. A resilient and versatile choice for any interior or exterior application.


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Comblanchien Moucheté

This very fine grained limestone possesses a homogenous structure that gives it the appearance of a marble. This variety of the classic Comblanchien French limestone has more pronounced shell and fossil inclusions lending a greater visual texture offering many design possibilities and applications.


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Comblanchien Ramagé

The most figured limestone in the historic Comblanchien family, this dense and fine grained limestone looks and acts like a marble. The large shell and fossil inclusions create a unique pattern like islands floating against a sea of Beige.


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Rocherons Doré

This fine-grained limestone produces a wide range of earth tones ranging from a light beige to warm beige grey with occasional blush tones dappled into the background. Sandy patterns meander through the surface creating a unique visual texture.


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Clean and sleek, this creamy white limestone possesses great purity and a fine, compact grain structure. The neutral, ivory toned background exhibits occasional crystalline slivers adding more depth to the surface. A great option for interior & exterior applications where a monochromatic aesthetic is required.


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Saint Clair Fleuri

Acquired recently by Polycor, this gray-beige American limestone is treated as a marble, and can therefore be used in architectural and patrimonial projects as well as for countertops.

Because its wavy grain pattern evolves from one slab to another, every countertop is unique. In a fleuri-cut pattern, it creates beautiful white to gray-beige waves.

Saint Clair Linear

This gray-beige American limestone is treated as a marble, making it suitable for architectural and heritage projects, as well as for countertops. Because its wavy grain pattern evolves from one slab to another, every countertop is unique.

It shows a more consistent grain pattern in a linear cut.


Missisquoi is produced in small quantities and is often viewed as a heritage stone: it is usually used in historical building restorations.

A dense and compact marble found only in this region of Quebec, it offers a wide range of colors and is primarily used for indoor applications.

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