Kodiak Brown

This granite is a treasure from the Canadian mountains. Often compared to Antique Brown, it’s the ideal granite for countertops. Its deep brown and black hues lend warmth to any design.


With its neutral hues, this beautiful Canadian stone is a Polycor exclusivity. Consistent and homogenous in color, it is easy to work this stone from every angle. It is recognizable for its neutral background color and thin orange surface veins.

No other stone like this is available on the market, and it is a customer favourite for architectural projects.

Newton Brown

This granite stands out from all others with its unique coarse brown grain: the richest color on the market.

The perfect stone for construction because of its grain size, its structural properties are useful for architectural projects.


This neutral granite’s complexity, resistance and coarse mineral structure make it the choice of architects around the world for huge projects calling for consistency and high volumes.

Bethel White®

Bethel White® displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most prized in the world. It’s the gold standard that all other white granites must measure up to.


Caledonia is a granite from Quebec and a Canadian emblem. It is known for its color consistency, making it a good choice of granite for multistep projects.

Often sought for big projects, this granite is valued in Asia, primarily in Japan, China and Korea. It is also used in Quebec for curbs, thanks to its durability.

Canadian Violetta

A Canadian granite that is famed across North America, Canadian Violetta is known to be an excellent construction material: its pink hues feature in many architectural projects.

A Polycor exclusivity, this stone keeps its rich color, even in a thermal finish.


Strong and multipurpose, this tight-grained pink stone comes from faraway Abitibi, and suits indoor and outdoor applications as well as architectural and monument projects.

Saint Pierre Fleuri

In a fleuri-cut pattern, this rich chocolate brown limestone creates a warm, homogenous surface. Recommended for small indoor applications, Saint Pierre evolves from one block to another, making almost every slab unique.

It can also be cut in a linear pattern to expose its distinctive veins.

Saint Pierre Linear

The horizontal veins in this rich chocolate brown limestone make a striking design statement. Recommended for indoor applications, Saint Pierre evolves from one block to another, making almost every slab unique.

For a more refined, consistent pattern, choose fleuri cut.


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