Woodbury Gray

Woodbury Gray granite is quarried in Woodbury, Vermont. This is a salt and pepper, light gray granite, with a medium tight grain and a consistent color.

Barre Gray®

Recognized around the world as the finest quality gray granite available, Barre Gray® is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish. Its unique proportions of quartz and feldspar make it unusually durable, moisture-resistant and thermally stable.

Titanium Pearl

Quarried exclusively for Polycor, the primary color of this tight-grained granite is extremely stable. Its blue-gray hues and look of concrete aspect make it a popular choice.

Stanstead Grey®

Stanstead Grey® granite is quarried in Stanstead, Quebec. This is a light to medium grey granite, with a medium and coarse grain. This granite is highly consistent in color.

Saint Sebastien

Widely used for the construction of steps for churches and other important buildings, this granite is a heritage material in Quebec.

Its grains are small and uniform and it has good structural properties. Its warm gray and subtle beige color is different from any other architectural granite on the market and makes it easy to pair with other stones.

Pearl Grey

The thin, closely-packed and homogenous grain structure of this North American marble gives superior strength and resistance, which explains why it has been used for more than a century in indoor and outdoor architectural projects.

Its white, gray and black veins create interesting surface movement. Pearl Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.

Solar Grey

This homogenous and closely-packed marble features a variable gray and black vein distribution. It has excellent durability in indoor and outdoor architectural applications.

Solar Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.

Alberene Soapstone

The unique rustic look and industrial style of Alberene Soapstone have made it a designer choice since 1883. Its unusual thermal properties and closely-packed structure make it perfect for large spaces and heated flooring.

This stone is heat and acid resistant. It’s as tough as it gets!

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