Laurentian Rose

This exceptional granite has been carefully selected for its outstanding natural deep rose colour and quality. The fine grain size of the Laurentian Rose allows it to be delicately carved and lettered with incredible contrast.

Salisbury Pink®

Salisbury Pink® has grown to be the stone of choice for many projects throughout the world. Available in unlimited quantities, its unique pink shading and fine grain have placed it in the top of its class.


This neutral granite’s complexity, resistance and coarse mineral structure make it the choice of architects around the world for huge projects calling for consistency and high volumes.


Caledonia is a granite from Quebec and a Canadian emblem. It is known for its color consistency, making it a good choice of granite for multistep projects.

Often sought for big projects, this granite is valued in Asia, primarily in Japan, China and Korea. It is also used in Quebec for curbs, thanks to its durability.


Strong and multipurpose, this tight-grained pink stone comes from faraway Abitibi, and suits indoor and outdoor applications as well as architectural and monument projects.


The huge quarry for this exclusive Polycor marble extends from Tate to Marble Hill, Georgia.
This is why it was widely used in historical American architecture.

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