Bethel White®

Bethel White® displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most prized in the world. It’s the gold standard that all other white granites must measure up to.

Gardenia White®

Gardenia White® is a stone of choice in the world market. Its beautiful white background with black veining makes any project stand out. It is also available in a price range to accommodate certain tastes and budgets.

Jay White

This clear and homogeneous granite can be easily controlled and can even become ultra white in a thermal finish.

Often used in architectural projects such as monuments and curbs in the United States because of its good structural properties and excellent durability.

White Georgia

Renowned for many generations, this classic marble has gone into the building of historical American landmarks. It comes from the hills of Georgia and is brilliant white.

White Cherokee

This marble comes from an extensive quarry that has been operated for more than a century. Stylish White Cherokee is one of the most homogenous marbles, and is used in large architectural projects and American heritage building restorations. It’s also an excellent choice for countertops.

Pearl Grey

The thin, closely-packed and homogenous grain structure of this North American marble gives superior strength and resistance, which explains why it has been used for more than a century in indoor and outdoor architectural projects.

Its white, gray and black veins create interesting surface movement. Pearl Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.

Solar Grey

This homogenous and closely-packed marble features a variable gray and black vein distribution. It has excellent durability in indoor and outdoor architectural applications.

Solar Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.

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