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Garden Walls

Garden Walls

Add Depth, Function And
Interest To Your Design
With Nature’s Building Blocks

Garden Walls

Take It Up A Notch: Create
Unique Outdoor Living Rooms
With Stone Garden Walls

No project is too large or small to benefit from Polycor natural stone paving.

If your outdoor living space is looking a little flat and could
use a little…oomph, consider adding dimension with vertical
elements like a classic Garden Wall made from natural stone

Not only will a low wall help create visual interest in your
hardscape setting, but it helps add depth to your living space
and is ideal for shallow floral beds and landscaping elements.

Garden Walls can serve as impromptu seating for gatherings
and help delineate outdoor “rooms,” separating dining from
seating areas and giving flowers and shrubs a natural
background against which to shine.

Garden Walls

Get The Best In Stylish, Yet
Sturdy Hardscaping Solutions

Polycor Garden Walls create a distinct addition and three
dimensionality to any landscape design, or provide depth and
durable accents for hardscaping stairs or treads.

Garden Wall is a dry-stacked, non-retaining wall product. It is
sold by weight on pallets, delivered in assorted, random
lengths, and can be optimized and cut or split on site for
precise field measurements and project yield.

The walls comes in 3′′ and 6′′ nominal heights, and a consistent 8′′nominal depth.

Advantages of natural stone Garden Walls

  • Split faced on 2 sides for a unique, organic texture
  • Sawn finish on tops and bottoms for easy stacking
  • Pieces are 8” depth and fully self-supporting
  • Because Garden Wall is cut from solid blocks of
    stone, it can be easily field-dressed and cut to size
    without exposed aggregate
  • Create your own textures and finishes with chisels
    and hand tools

Dimensions: Size & Thickness

Garden Wall Specifications

8″ x random length3”
8″ x random length6”

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Garden Walls

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Value of Polycor Garden Walls

Best-in-class quality

For nearly a century, Polycor has been the leading quarrier and supplier of the world’s finest stone to architects. Polycor
Hardscapes and Masonry provides the widest range of sizes,
colors, and grades for all of our products. You can depend on
Polycor to meet your demands and time constraints with our best-
in-class lead times.

Classic complement

Polycor Garden Walls add levels to a landscaping design and give the project a bit more depth. Extremely versatile for design, these genuine natural stone wall components can be easily sawn or split to length on site by masonry contractors. Being that they are 100% natural stone they do not show any exposed aggregates or loss of color when the interior is exposed after cutting – an inherent benefit to using real stone.

Popular sizing

Available in Indiana limestone, granite and marble, Polycor Garden Wall is sold by weight on pallets, delivered in assorted, random lengths 24” to 54”, and can be optimized for precise field measurements and project yield. It comes in 3′′ and 6′′ nominal heights, 8′′nominal depth, with 54′′ maximum length.

Quick Turnaround

Polycor Hardscapes and Masonry offers a quick turnaround on all of our products. With all of our operations located domestically in North America, we own the supply chain from the quarry to product manufacturing to delivery. It’s easy to incorporate Polycor’s genuine Indiana limestone, marble and granite materials into your next landscape design.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

Garden walls are packaged on 32” x 48” pallets. 16 pieces of 6” garden wall or 32 pieces of 3” garden wall can fit on one pallet.

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