Fire Pits

Square Fire Pits

Square Fire Pits

Make Memories Under The
Stars With A Polycor
Stone Fire Pit

Square Fire Pits

Minimal, Sleek And Modern:
Order Your Polycor Stone Fire Pit Squared

Filled with warmth, fresh air, the songs of birds, moonlight and
stars, a granite stone fire pit will be the focal point of your
backyard. They create an immediate ambiance and a cozy
spot to reconnect with nature and loved ones.

Simple and effective, Polycor Square Fire Pits easily
accommodate any space, no matter how compact or
expansive they may be.

Square Fire Pits

Cozy Up Next To Roaring Flames: Beverage In One Hand, S’mores In The Other

Square Fire Pits are easy to install accessories that are
pleasing to all the senses – from the fire’s mesmerizing glow
to the sounds of birds and crickets singing, the warmth that
surrounds you and the delicious smells and tastes of food
cooking over an open flame.

Give your home the magical, unmatched ambiance of a
square fire pit to bring the intimacy of the indoors outside.

Dimensions: Size & Thickness

Square Fire Pit Specifications

Square Fire Pit

Sold in an easy-to-install 21-piece kit. Metal insert included.

43″ X 43″14”

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Stone and Finish Options For
Square Fire Pits



Thermal top, Split-face sides



Thermal top, Thermal sides

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