Rivière-à-Pierre, QC, Canada

CALEDONIATM granite is from Quebec and is a Canadian emblem. It is known for its color consistency, making it a good choice of granite for multistep projects.

Often sought for big projects, this granite is valued in Asia, primarily in Japan, China and Korea. It is also used in Quebec for curbs, thanks to its durability.


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Physical Test Results

Imperial Metric
Absorption by weight ASTM C97 0.12% 0.12%
Density ASTM C97 169lb/ft³ 2 710kg/m³
Compressive strength ASTM C170 28 021Psi 193.2MPa
Modulus of rupture ASTM C99 1 711Psi 11.8MPa
Flexural strength ASTM C880 1 392Psi 9.6MPa

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