Introducing Modern Rectangle and Square Granite DIY Firepits

The latest additions to Polycor H&M’s line of outdoor elements come in two granite stone styles that blend in perfectly with a wide range of patio and landscape designs. The SAINT HENRY BLACK™ granite fire pit has a thermal finish on both the tops and sides of the stone that imbue them with a sleek and modern appearance. The EASTERN GRAY™ granite fire pits have a thermal finish on the top and a split face on the sides, giving the stones a rustic, natural look.

But if you’re still warming to the idea of adding a fire pit to your property, here are five additional factors you should consider.

DIY Firepit Patio Installation

The set comes with a metal insert that sits at the fire pit’s center to hold the wood. Owners should add a few inches of gravel or stones to the bottom of the pan, which will both beautify the fire pit and protect the stones from excess heat exposure.

Do-it-yourselfers should note that the sturdy granite stones weigh approximately 70 pounds each so arrange for assistance to move and set them as needed (team lift!). If you’re planning to install on a patio that has a foam or combustible lining, some steps will be required to remove those materials at the fire pit’s base (see video tutorial for installing our circular fire pits on an existing patio, for example).

A Space for All Seasons

Think of all the iconic moments you’ve enjoyed around a warm fire. Enjoy cold drinks, barbeque, and music with friends in the spring and summer. Roasting s’mores on a stick with your children in October. A cup of hot chocolate after a brisk day of ice skating on the neighborhood pond.

The fire pit truly is a space for all seasons.

“Natural stone fire pits are popular all year long,” Polycor Director of New Product Development Oscar Rosales said. “They’re a centerpiece that people like to gather around. If you’re planning to have people over in the house and you want to have something special ready to entertain your guests when the sun goes down, a fire pit is a great option.”

A Great Fit Anywhere, Anytime

One of the unique aspects of fire pits is that there is no bad time to add one. As Rosales notes, building a fire pit is not like installing pool coping or patio pavers, where there are certain steps in the construction and design phases must be completed in a strict order and planned from the start.

“Even if you have a backyard with old pavers, you can purchase a fire pit,” Rosales said. “If you have a new backyard being installed, probably the last thing coming is a fire pit. It can be installed at anytime in the process of your renovation.”

Fire Pit Off A Patio

Fire pits can also safely be placed off of a hardscape patio on a crushed stone base, or directly on the grass, turning an open space on your lawn into a special focal point. And thanks to their neutral stone color in shades of gray and black accents, Polycor H&M fire pits will blend in well with patios that aren’t necessarily an exact match.

“If you have an existing patio with stone pavers, whether they’re concrete or clay, a piece like this with natural stone will highlight the area even more just through its quality and beauty,” Rosales added.

A Boost for Home Value

When the pandemic took root in 2020, demand soared for home improvements that could replicate the comforts of home in outdoor environments that allowed family and friends to gather safely in the fresh air. Companies across North America saw sales of fire pits grow by as high as 300% to 600%.

Data indicates that they’re influencing home-buying decisions. As the New York Times reported last summer, “Especially during the pandemic, consumers have been using fire pits for three- or four-season entertaining, and apparently are willing to pay for it. In a Zillow study exploring home features that sell, properties listing outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and free-standing chiminea fireplaces can sell 2.8 days quicker, and for 1.6 percent more than similar homes.”

Built to Last

Still, scores of homeowners over the last few years have gone for what they view as a quick and economical solution, buying a small metal fire pit from the local hardware store. But what saves money in the short term won’t add lasting home value and could cost you again soon.

As Rosales observed, metal fire pits can begin rusting after their first use. Owners are supposed to take steps such as painting over these areas at the first sign of erosion, but few do, and rust spots rapidly degrade into holes. Factor in the damage that comes from rain exposure and getting knocked over by the wind, and a metal fire pit’s useful life can flicker out in a hurry.

Not so for a Polycor H&M granite fire pit.

“There’s lots of competition with metal and concrete fire pits,” Rosales said. “These are more expensive, but it’s worth it for a featured part of your property that people be viewing up close.”