What’s The Most Precious Stone To a Designer?

It’s not the diamond or emerald (though what designer or architect wouldn’t want those on their materials list?). It’s the stone they create with. The materials that form entrances that make us suck in our breath a little or floors that elevate a luxury installation with a subtle sparkle. Stones that tell stories, communicate feelings, and underpin our daily lives with form and function.

We know because we feel the same way about our raw materials, US marble, granite, limestone and soapstone. With natural figurings and color variations each slab is snowflake different. It’s why we love to explore our quarries and walk through stone yards running our fingers over the unfinished edges until, as a designer put it to me recently, we find that “stone that wins our heart.”

That’s why this year we’re offering limited quantities of three bespoke gifts made from granite, American marble and soapstone. In our eBoutique we feature table accessories, jewelry and of-the-moment gifts like Soapstone chilling stones. Whiskey anyone?

Our day job is providing stone slabs, from quarries right here in North America, to commercial and residential projects. These gifts are just for fun, which is why we’re offering them at such a low price. Chilling stones for $16? Pour me another.

Check out our limited edition gifts here. Quantities are limited.

The pendant in Cambrian Black granite or White Cherokee Georgia marble. Sterling silver mount and chain. $50. See photo at top for white marble version.

Whiskey chilling stones made from Alberene soapstone quarried in Virginia. Four in a set. $16

Visit our eBoutique here to choose a natural stone gift for your favorite designer, architect or fabricator. Don’t forget one for yourself. We hear you’ve been good.