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Natural Stone Treads Add A
Luxury Finish To Standard Stairs


Connect Indoor And Outdoor Spaces With Hard-Working And Functional Stone Treads

Polycor natural stone treads are cut and finished from solid stone blocks and are used extensively as step treads, mantels, hearths, and copings for residential and commercial architectural projects across North America.

Granite, marble and Indiana limestone are quarried from our historic sites in North America, and our treads offer the timeless durability you’ve come to expect from classic Indiana limestone products.

Take Your Steps Up A Notch With Polycor’s Natural Stone Treads

Natural stone treads add a luxury finish to standard steps. They are perfectly adapted to northern climates and widely sought after for their superior strength and durability.

Our marble, granite and limestone steps treads are packaged in palletized bundles and stacked on edge for easy transportation and unloading.The stone treads are supplied on pallets or timbers that protect the finished stone from touching the ground.

Polycor Hardscapes and Masonry offers stone treads in a range of sizes. All are available in a standard thickness of 2′′, and 12′′ or 14″ widths, and in lengths from 4′ to 8’.

Dimensions: Size & Thickness

Natural Stone Tread

12″ X 48″2”
12″ X 72″2”
12″ X 96″2”
14″ X 48″2”
14″ X 72″2”
14″ X 96″2”

*Granite and marble treads are true-to-size. Limestone is one inch longer to allow for field dressing.

*Other sizes and finishes of INDIANA LIMESTONE – FULL COLOR BLEND™ available upon request.

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Smooth top, Rock-face



Thermal top, Split-face

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Value of Polycor
Natural Stone Steps & Treads

Distinctive Look

No exposed aggregate over time – surfaces remain homogeneous and structurally stable for the long term

Highly Durable

Produced from the same quality natural stone block raw material used in thousands of institutional, residential, and commercial cut stone projects, our durable treads can provide a classic complement for every architectural design.

Best-In-Class Quality

For nearly a century, Polycor has been the leading quarrier and supplier of the world’s finest stone to architects. Polycor Hardscapes and Masonry provides the widest range of natural stone sizes, colors, and grades for all of our products. You can depend on Polycor to meet your demands and time constraints with our best-in-class lead times.

Quick Turnaround

Polycor Hardscapes and Masonry offers a quick turnaround on all of our products. With all of our operations located domestically in North America, we own the supply chain from the quarry to product manufacturing to delivery. It’s easy to incorporate Polycor’s genuine Indiana limestone, marble and granite materials into your next landscape design.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

No exposed aggregate over time – surfaces remain homogeneous and structurally stable for the long term

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