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Quarry Stone Materials for Any Application with Unparalleled Quality and Service – Trust Polycor for Your Next Project

Polycor offers a wide range of raw stone materials to meet your every need, from crushed stone to rough blocks, and boulders to thick slabs.

Polycor is a trusted ally in the building industry, offering an extensive and reliable supply of natural quarry stone resources. Whatever your project, from modern infrastructure developments to commercial or industrial sites, the quarry stone materials provided by Polycor are viable for any application.

Our quarry teams are strategically placed around the globe and have access to deep, unlimited reserves of stone, which can be customized according to your specific needs. Plus, our quality assurance systems ensure that only the highest-quality stones make it into each order.

Partnering with Polycor provides peace of mind as you know you’re working directly with quarry owners at the source of the stones – giving you more control, and transparency, over how your project turns out. With a renowned reputation built upon trust and efficiency, let our quarry stone materials complete any dream project you can imagine!

  • Dedicated teams & resources to service multiple industry segments
  • Unlimited reserves of natural stone across 50 quarry sites
  • Deep Stock of raw block and boulder inventory at block yards in North America & France serving B2B clients
  • Bulk crushed stone aggregates in a wide variety of sizes for commercial and infrastructure projects
  • Trusted thick slabs (>5cm) supplier for master fabricators
  • Complete control of the supply chain
  • Greater availability and shorter lead times
  • 200+ years of expertise and innovations through generations of craftsmanship

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