Schuyler, VA, USA

The unique rustic look and industrial style of ALBERENE SOAPSTONETM have made it a designer choice since 1883. Its unusual thermal properties and closely-packed structure make it perfect for large spaces and heated flooring.

This stone is heat and acid resistant. It’s as tough as it gets!


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Astm Data

Physical Test Results

Imperial Metric
Absorption by weight ASTM C97 0.11% 0.11%
Density ASTM C97 179.7lb/ft³ 2 878.52kg/m³
Compressive strength ASTM C170 4 180Psi 28.82MPa
Modulus of rupture ASTM C99 1 490Psi 10.27MPa
Flexural strength ASTM C880 Psi MPa

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