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Polycor natural stone pavers are the perfect modern paver solution for any outdoor living space. With over 55 stones and a variety of finishes, Polycor’s cutting-edge fabrication technology allows custom-cut pavers to be ordered in any size.

Whether you require patio stones, backyard paving, walkways or just unique design elements, Polycor has the perfect natural stone paver to fit your project demands.

Performance Over Time

Pavers with an Unsurpassed Level of Durability and Longevity

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these specialty pavers also possess an unsurpassed level of durability and longevity – an ideal combination for today’s modern homeowner.

We continuously undergo rigorous 3rd party testing and compliance with ASTM standards and specification data for every stone from Polycor’s quarries. Centuries-long performance testing… from antiquity to the modern era, natural stone paving has a proven performance record as seen in ancient structures still standing today.

Check out our full range of modern pavers supply offerings today and get started on creating the outdoor living space that you’ve always dreamed of!

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Natural Stone vs Concrete

Superior to Cultured Stone and
Concrete Pavers

Natural stone has no exposed aggregate over time – the surfaces remain homogeneous and structurally stable for the long term

No added dyes, colorants or chemicals – natural stones are inherently colored thanks to their natural mineral structures and will preserve their color indefinitely with UV exposure and all weather conditions

Infinitely recyclable – paving stones can be repurposed, cut down to new sizes, and adapted to other applications indefinitely thanks to their structural integrity, durability and natural composition

Naturally Sustainable – Polycor natural stones help your project comply with LEED® and Living Building Challenge criteria and is one of the lowest embodied carbon building materials on the market, with the longest life-cycle

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