Cambrian Black®

A great Canadian classic, this unique, ageless granite comes from a quarry that is exclusive to Polycor. Often imitated but never duplicated, it has abundant applications – from funeral monuments to architectural projects.

It is impossible to date this stone since it does not deteriorate and has good structural properties and stable color. It is also one of the few blacks that requires no resin or dye.

American Black®

This beautiful black granite with pronounced white veining is being utilized for smaller building projects when quality and durability are a must.

Nordic Black

The tight metallic grain and large crystals of this granite make it the perfect choice for indoor applications such as countertops. Once polished, its thin white veins steal the spotlight.

Saint Henry Black

This granite is also known as Taillon, Péribonka and Canadian Black. The smooth crystalline composition of this granite features thin silvery veins exposed by black textured graining.

Kodiak Brown

This granite is a treasure from the Canadian mountains. Often compared to Antique Brown, it is the ideal granite for countertops. Its deep brown and black hues lend warmth to any design.

Canadian Red

This purplish-red granite is like no other on the market. It is used for monuments and construction projects.

Canadian Red keeps its distinctive color through the years and is highly‑weather‑resistant.

Laurentian Rose®

This exceptional granite has been carefully selected for its outstanding natural deep rose colour and quality. The fine grain size of the Laurentian Rose® allows it to be delicately carved and lettered with incredible contrast.


Strong and multipurpose, this tight-grained pink stone comes from faraway Abitibi, and suits indoor and outdoor applications as well as architectural and monument projects.

Salisbury Pink®

Salisbury Pink® has grown to be the stone of choice for many projects throughout the world. Available in unlimited quantities, its unique pink shading and fine grain have placed it in the top of its class.

Laurentian Green

A Polycor exclusive granite, perfect for architectural projects because of its homogeneity, Laurentian Green remains a good choice for residential applications.

While similarly tinted stones may oxidize, this granite keeps its opaque dark-green color, flecked with blue quartz.

Woodbury Gray

Woodbury Gray granite is quarried in Woodbury, Vermont. This is a salt and pepper, light gray granite, with a medium tight grain and a consistent color.


With its neutral hues, this beautiful Canadian stone is a Polycor exclusivity. Consistent and homogenous in color, it is easy to work this stone from every angle. It is recognizable for its neutral background color and thin orange surface veins.

No other stone like this is available on the market, and it is a customer favourite for architectural projects.

Jay White

This clear and homogeneous granite can be easily controlled and can even become ultra white in a thermal finish.

Often used in architectural projects such as monuments and curbs in the United States because of its good structural properties and excellent durability.

Barre Gray®

Recognized around the world as the finest quality gray granite available, Barre Gray® is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish. Its unique proportions of quartz and feldspar make it unusually durable, moisture-resistant and thermally stable.


The huge quarry for this exclusive Polycor marble extends from Tate to Marble Hill, Georgia.
This is why it was widely used in historical American architecture.

American Mist

This beautiful black granite with pronounced white veining is being utilized for smaller building projects when quality and durability are a must.


Strikingly rich in colors that can only come from the harsh Canadian climate, the Cascapedia stone is a breccia-type marble that can be found in the castles and aristocratic residences of Europe. Pure sophistication!

Newton Brown

This granite stands out from all others with its unique coarse brown grain: the richest color on the market.

The perfect stone for construction because of its grain size, its structural properties are useful for architectural projects.


This neutral granite’s complexity, resistance and coarse mineral structure make it the choice of architects around the world for huge projects calling for consistency and high volumes.

Titanium Pearl

Quarried exclusively for Polycor, the primary color of this tight-grained granite is extremely stable. Its blue-gray hues and look of concrete aspect make it a popular choice.

Stanstead Grey®

Stanstead Grey® granite is quarried in Stanstead, Quebec. This is a light to medium grey granite, with a medium and coarse grain. This granite is highly consistent in color.

Bethel White®

Bethel White® displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most-prized in the world. It is the “gold standard” that all other white granites must measure up to.


Caledonia is a granite from Quebec and a Canadian emblem. It is known for its color consistency, making it a good choice of granite for multistep projects.

Often sought for big projects, this granite is valued in Asia, primarily in Japan, China and Korea. It is also used in Quebec for curbs, thanks to its durability.

Gardenia White

Gardenia White is a stone of choice in the world market. Its beautiful white background with black veining makes any project stand out. It is also available in a price range to accommodate certain tastes and budgets.

Canadian Violetta

A Canadian granite that is famed across North America, Canadian Violetta is known to be an excellent construction material: its pink hues feature in many architectural projects.

A Polycor exclusivity, this stone keeps its rich color, even in a thermal finish.

Saint Sebastien

Widely used for the construction of steps for churches and other important buildings, this granite is a heritage material in Quebec.

Its grains are small and uniform and it has good structural properties. Its warm gray and subtle beige color is different from any other architectural granite on the market and makes it easy to pair with other stones.

White Georgia

Renowned for many generations, this classic marble has gone into the building of historical American landmarks. It comes from the hills of Georgia and is brilliant white.

White Cherokee®

This marble comes from an extensive quarry that has been operated for more than a century. Stylish White Cherokee is one of the most homogenous marbles, and is therefore used in huge architectural projects and American heritage building restorations. It also remains an excellent countertop choice.

Pearl Grey

The thin, closely-packed and homogenous grain structure of this North American marble give superior strength and resistance, which explains why it has been used for more than a century in indoor and outdoor architectural projects.

Its white, gray and black veins create interesting surface movement. Pearl Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.

Solar Grey

This homogenous and closely-packed marble features a variable gray and black vein distribution. It has excellent durability in indoor and outdoor architectural applications.

Solar Grey comes from the same quarry as White Cherokee.


Missisquoi is produced in small quantities and is often viewed as a heritage stone: it is usually used in historical building restorations.

A dense and compact marble found only in this region of Quebec, it offers a wide range of colors and is primarily used for indoor applications.

Wallace Creek

Taken from the same quarry as Missisquoi granite, this black limestone is a Polycor exclusivity and represents the very best high-end product.

Gorgeously veined, it is treated as a marble and is recommended for indoor applications.

Saint Pierre® Fleuri

In a fleuri-cut pattern, this rich chocolate brown limestone creates a warm, homogenous surface. Recommended for small indoor applications, Saint Pierre® evolves from one block to another, making almost every slab unique.

It can also be cut in a linear pattern to expose its distinctive veins.

Saint Pierre® Linear

These horizontal veins in this rich chocolate brown limestone make striking countertops. Recommended for small indoor applications, Saint Pierre® evolves from one block to another, making almost every slab unique.

The fleuri-cut pattern is also available for a more refined, original slab.

Saint Clair Fleuri

Acquired recently by Polycor, this gray-beige American limestone is treated as a marble, and can therefore be used in architectural and patrimonial projects as well as for countertops.

Because its wavy grain pattern evolves from one slab to another, every countertop is unique. In a fleuri-cut pattern, it creates beautiful white to gray-beige waves.

Saint Clair Linear

This gray-beige American limestone is treated as a marble, and can therefore be used in architectural and heritage projects as well as for countertops.

Because its wavy grain pattern evolves from one slab to another, every countertop is unique. It shows a more homogenous grain pattern in a linear cut.

Alberene Soapstone

The unique rustic look and industrial style of Alberene Soapstone has made it a designer choice since 1883. Its unusual thermal properties, closely-packed structure and homogeneity make it perfect for large spaces and heated flooring.

This stone is heat and acid resistant. It’s as tough as it gets!

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