Shower Walls

Shower Walls

Less Fuss and More Robust,
Stone Slab Shower Walls Perform
Double Duty

Shower Walls

Luxurious stone slab finishes, in half the time compared to tile

Ditch the busy grout lines of tile and opt instead for full, seamless, stone slab shower walls. Great for creating an uninterrupted expanse of stone surfaces, slab shower walls also cut down on grout maintenance because there are fewer joints to fill, thanks to their larger sizes. Average slab sizes are 9′ x 5′ and come in standard 2cm and 3cm thicknesses.

Polycor’s exclusive 1cm, Ultra-Thin slabs are also available with 10x the strength of unbacked 3cm slabs for greater ease of installation and 2/3 less weight than 3cm stone. Perfect for working in tight spaces and with limited manpower.

Ultra-thin slabs, in particular, are well adapted to being used in vertical installations in shower areas and can stand up to the demands of wet areas in direct contact with water. When used in showers and bathrooms, contractors and plumbers appreciate the ½” thickness of the thin stone slabs when prepping and installing shower fixtures.

Since they are thinner than 3cm and 2cm slabs, they don’t have to add extensions when roughing in their plumbing work. Slabs can also be installed on shower ceilings when attached with proper adhesives and mortars, unlocking even greater design possibilities.

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