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Polycor Limestone is the epitome of enduring beauty and luxury. With a rich history adorning prestigious structures worldwide, each Polycor Limestone slab is a work of art, boasting unique patterns and colors that tell a story millions of years in the making. Its enduring allure and exceptional durability make it the ideal choice for both classic and modern designs, representing a legacy of timeless elegance that transcends trends.

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About Indiana Limestone

There are many stones to choose from for building and design work, but none offer the deep quarry reserves, the variety of coloring and durability of Indiana Limestone. Available in buffs, grays and full-color blends, it’s aesthetically pleasing appearance ages well over time with very little change.

This makes it the perfect stone for structures designed for longevity and it’s also easy to match if any future additions need to be made, like at Gensler’s Old Post Office project in Chicago.

The proven performance of Indiana Limestone and its ability to withstand freeze/thaw cycles makes it a virtually maintenance-free choice. Being ready-made by nature inside the earth through geologic forces, it’s a product that in itself contains no embodied carbon. There are no added ingredients required – all there is to do is extract it and cut it down to smaller increments for various applications.

Indiana Limestone Quarry

The supply of Indiana Limestone is virtually unlimited. Geologists estimate that the product will be available for another 1,000 years based on present extraction methods above and below ground. See how current quarrying technologies and innovations have increased performance, yield, and recuperation to further its already impressive sustainability credentials.

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Discover the unparalleled beauty and durability of Polycor Limestone. Crafted by nature and perfected by technology, our granite surfaces bring timeless elegance to your spaces.


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