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Enhance Your Building’s Look and Performance With High-Quality Natural Stone Facade Panels

Natural stone facades are a timeless and flexible option that add both beauty and longevity to any commercial building exterior. Polycor specializes in offering high-quality, custom stone facade panels that can be cut to any size to meet the individual needs of our customers. With our natural stone facade panels, you can easily bring elegance and sophistication to your building’s exterior while providing long-lasting protection from the elements.

By being made of 100% real stone all the way through, natural stone facades, like granite cladding, resist scratching and fading. The natural color of the product is not the result of adding artificial dyes, topical pigment coatings, or coloring treatments, but it is the minerals inside of the stones which give them their hue and pattern, so their color is consistent and preserved.

Key Benefits

Natural stone is a low-maintenance product with a long lifespan. Many stones are durable in extreme heat and harsh freeze/thaw conditions. If maintained properly, natural stone will last for generations to come and has proven to be one of the most cost-effective architectural facade solutions.

These durable facade panels come in a variety of unique styles, textures, and colors that range from rustic and formal to modern and contemporary. Our natural stone facade panels are also eco-friendly due to the low embodied carbon of the stone and the fact that they require no paint or sealants during installation or maintenance.

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